Think Globally, Act Locally – The State Of The Climate

Placer County, CA (MPG)  |  By Lizzie Moore, 350 Placer
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From left to right: Molly Wines, Colfax High School Senior Madeline Cramer, Colfax High School Senior and Placer County Youth Commissioner. Photo courtesy of Placer County Youth Commission

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Climate scientist, Dana Nuccitelli. Photo courtesy of Placer County Youth Commission

PLACER COUNTY, CA (MPG) - The Placer County Youth Commission will host Think Globally, Act Locally: The State of the Climate, on Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 7pm at the Auburn State Theatre. The Placer County Youth Commission is a group of motivated teens who research youth issues and concerns, relate discoveries, ideas, and opinions to local policy makers, and engage the community.

Local high school students have organized the evening to shift the collective mindset around global warming from confusion, avoidance, overwhelm, guilt and denial to one of empowered knowledge and optimism.

Local youth report that their feelings of worry about their future world are often exacerbated when they are dismissed as being ignorant, uninformed, or apathetic when in reality they can be more knowledgeable and passionate than adults. They understand that the longer humans wait to make changes that significantly reduce greenhouse gasses, the more drastic and disruptive the solutions will need to be to lower the odds that they will inherit a livable planet. This event is a way for them to take action and make their voice heard.

“Don’t miss this chance to listen, learn, give input, and meet fellow concerned community members. Do upcoming generations proud and remember–the world is run by those who show up.” — Madeline Cramer, PCYC Commissioner and Senior at Colfax High School

Dana Nuccitelli will speak about climate science, myths, impacts on California extreme weather, economics, and solutions. Nuccitelli has published numerous peer-reviewed papers related to climate change and authored Climatology versus Pseudoscience. He has written about climate science for since 2010, for The Guardian since 2013, and for Yale Climate Connections since 2018.

“Climate change is going to affect everyone on this planet. It’s especially going to hurt our younger generations, who want a future for themselves. I’m hoping that as a result of this event, our local community will set an example for neighboring communities that will inspire change. It could create a domino effect with communities making changes that really add up.” — Mackenzie Kettwig, Senior at Colfax High School and President of the Placer County Youth Commission

After his presentation, local climate policy makers along with other influential community leaders and activists will join Dana onstage for a panel discussion about the issue and next steps. The key theme will be how we (individually and together) can create a community that inspires, facilitates and celebrates actions that reduce greenhouse gasses. Community leaders who are scheduled to appear include Auburn Mayor Cheryl Maki and a leader of, one of the event’s sponsors.

How you can help: Our multigenerational planning team asks for your support in selling out the State Theatre and making this event a success. The goal is 350 people (standing room only). Here are some options on how you can help.

Buy tickets and attend the event! If you are a media outlet, interview the teens who are organizing the event, along with their multi-generation support team; share their story; Share event announcement through outreach lists and social media. Place a poster in your business, classroom, church, etc. Provide monetary support for social media advertising, posters and postcards to be posted in town and given at community events; As a business owner, agree to give a special offer or discount to community members who attend the event.

Tickets for this event can be purchased directly from the Auburn State Theatre from their box office at, 530-885-0156 or at 985 Lincoln Way, Auburn CA.