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Three Generations Of Philanthropy!

Three generations of philanthropy!! Here’s how the Conner Family continues a legacy giving through their Donor Advised Fund at Placer Community Foundation. ​

When Cathie Conner and her family moved to Placer County nearly 10 years ago, she didn’t hesitate to find the best way to get involved with the community. After all, it’s in her blood.​

“My father, Bob Cardoza, worked very hard to achieve the success he had, and he recognized all the blessings he received along the way. He believed in paying that forward and helping others as much as possible. He was a philanthropy icon in Modesto, and started the Cordoza Family Foundation there before community foundations were even a thing.”​

Sadly, Bob passed away 20 years ago, but his legacy of giving lives on in his children and grandchildren. Cathie has served on the board of the Girl Scouts Heart of Central California as well as Gigi’s Playhouse (Down Syndrome Achievement Center), and was very involved with the Stanislaus Community Foundation after the Cordoza Family Foundation funds were rolled under its umbrella.​

“I had a great experience with that foundation and serving on its board and grants committee. I heard it said about community foundations, ‘It’s how the do gooders do better,’ and that is so true. When we moved to Placer County, I immediately sought out the Community Foundation. I did my homework, realized they’re doing incredible things in the community, and we decided to start a Donor Advised Fund to maximize our ability to help the community.”​

The Cardoza Conner Be Kind Fund is a great way for the Conner family to not only give to local causes they’re passionate about, but to get their young adult daughters involved in the process—a third generation of philanthropists positively impacting the world around them.​

“Our daughters are very involved with our Donor Advised Fund and serve as successor advisors. They even came to the first meeting we had with Placer Community Foundation when they were children. I think it’s so important for them to see the needs in the community and to have some perspective. They’ve always been involved with helping others, whether it was collecting soccer equipment to send to Ghana, or raising funds for the children’s hospital.” ​

Placer Community Foundation appreciates families like the Conners who are investing in our community, making it a better place for all.​

“It’s good to give back because it reminds people that there is still good in the world, even when it’s hard to see sometimes. And the Placer Community Foundation team is a great group. They’re very professional and dialed into the community. Every once in a while, they’ll reach out to me and tell me there’s an organization that needs some funds that might align with our passions. That’s what is great about a community foundation. They can help you help. I’d definitely recommend starting a Donor Advised Fund to philanthropists who are looking to maximize their support of the community.”

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